Episode 1 of the Mother”hood” Podcast: Coping with Stress & Anxiety

March 21, 2020

March 28, 2020 by Linette Gary

I’ll be honest here. I had plans to do a Podcast later this year but due to the COVID-19, I can’t sit back and ignore my want to support others. That’s why I wanted to do something to support you- my community, and let you know that you’re not alone during this pandemic. 

On this episode, my very first episode, I feature Dr. Stephanie Byrd Rosado who is a psychologist and one of my clients turned friend. Stephanie helps us understand the different layers we may be feeling and how to cope with them.

She navigates us through learning the signs of distress, how to cope and support one another, and the resources in finding support.

Listen, I know this past week has been difficult, but I want you to know that you’re not alone and together we are going to get through this. 

Here’s a snapshot of the coping method Stephanie shares in dealing with stress and anxiety (in no particular order):

  • >> #1: Cut back from social media: It’s something experts have suggested for years, but now that many of us are cooped up in our home, social media and the content we see can directly affect the state of our mental health.
  • >> #2: Decrease exposure to the news: Watching too much of the news not only alters how you feel, but it can affect your children too.
  • >> #3: Mindfulness: Being in the moment and tuning into all of your senses. Putting your mind into whatever action you’re doing. For example, when you’re eating, tasting your food, losing yourself in your child, or paying attention to every detail that is occuring in your body at that moment.
  • >> #4: Deep breathing: Set aside a couple of minutes, find a quiet space, and focus on your breathing. This not only helps you reset but it also helps clear your mind. 
  • >> #5: Changing mindset: We are all experiencing tough times, but where do we go when we can’t go anywhere? We go to a positive place in our mind. What can we be grateful for?
  • >> #6: Finding an attitude of gratitude: There are so many people on the forefront of this pandemic risking their health for us. A simple drawing of support and posting on social media can make us happier. 
  • >> #7: Know that this is not in your control: Unfortunately, none of this is our fault and beyond our control. 
  • >> #8: Allowing yourself to own your feelings: It’s okay to be sad, confused, angry and mad. There is nothing wrong with how you feel. 
  • >> #9: Get some rest: Set a routine and get in bed early every night so your body can get some rest.
  • >> #10: Keep in touch with family and friends: Though we are suppose to be doing social distancing, reach out to family and friends virtually for support. If you’re in need of help, we’ve highlighted some resources below.

“Look for something in your life that you do have that feels good. Whether it’s the love of your children, a family that cares for you, a roof over your head, or food on your table, or maybe it’s that you can help someone else in that moment. Rather than having a dark painful space flipping it to something that feels good can be really helpful.” -Dr. Stephanie Byrd

If this episode could help just one person cope with what we’re going through, my heart is happy. Please know you’re not alone and if you need support I am here. I am also sharing some of the resources Stephanie included on our call.

Links mentioned in this episode:

>> Dr. Stephanie Byrd Rosado

>> BareWell Group

>> Psychology Today

>> Good Theraphy

>> The Mother”hood” Community with Linette Gary

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