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May 3, 2020


One day I woke up and said “I’m tired of this shit” and the rest was history.

Let me rewind a couple of years. In June 2018 we left everything behind in Chicago, including our loved ones, and moved to San Diego with a toddler and a baby on the way.

That following calendar year I lost and found myself over and over again.

Trying to establish myself as a San Diego Photographer was very difficult. I was entering other people’s territory and had to start building relationships from scratch. The idea of starting over didn’t intimidate me, but the idea of having to blend in amongst other talented photographers did.

It was exhausting. Almost like that first day of High School when you attended a new school and had to learn a new way of learning, new routines, find your way through classes, and most importantly build those friendships all.over.again.

I became frustrated with the Instagram perfect moms, with this idea that motherhood was a walk in a park, with photographers focusing on supporting each other but no one was supporting our clients.

And every time I talked with friends and mother’s in the community, I started realizing that they too were feeling the same way as I was.

So one day I sat down, grabbed a pen and paper, and wrote down every single negative feeling and turned it into something positive. I wanted to create a safe space for mother’s to know that they are imperfectly perfect just as they are. And that they were worthy of being remembered!

That was when I decided to devote my soul as a SoCal and Chicago Motherhood Photographer.

I removed myself from every Facebook group (including photography + mom group related), hired a copy writer who was able to put my feelings into words, my husband gifted me an 8-week branding strategy course and I built a motherhood community with the relationships I had in Chicago and San Diego.

It was then that I found my purpose and six months later my new brand + website was officially born.


When you land on my website you’ll see the pop of colors that we carefully selected to spark happiness, comfort, and joy.

I didn’t want my site to give anyone perfect cookie cutter vibes, I designed it to be a judgement free space where you can feel understood and remembered.

If I had to pick one favorite part of my website (it’s hard to narrow it down because I love every section) it would be my booking experience.

I list all of my ideal client’s pain points and tell them exactly how I plan to solve their problem.

I also focus on providing my clients a seamless booking experience from start to finish:

  1. Easily select the time and day that works best with their schedule + select a payment plan if needed
  2. Plan the session so we know everything in advance
  3. Document their memories
  4. Deliver high quality images with a tangible memory.

You can find more details for my packages here.

There are two things I understand whole heartedly:

  1. Capturing your journey is important
  2. Not everyone has the funds to invest in every single milestone

So I created a eGuide on how to document your every-day-memories on your own. You can get your free eGuide here.

There are a few other things I have in the making (like my Mother”hood” podcast) but that in itself deserves it’s own blog post.


I have poured my heart and soul into my brand and I am so honored to serve the mothers throughout the world in helping them document their memories.

But I couldn’t have done this alone- A huge thank you to my husband for his tremedous support, my children for allowing me the opportunity to be on this motherhood journey, Kelly from Kelly Acs for helping me put my feelings into words, Rachael from RKA for helping me establish my brand, my family and friends for their encouraging words, my clients for their support, and finally God for his guidance.

I invite you to navigate my website here and join our Facebook community here for any support!

Virtual hugs,


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