I want our children to have memories of their childhood, and that includes photos with Mom and Dad in them. As a mom of two, I know the struggles that comes with investing in your memories. We don’t always have the time, the self-esteem, or the funds.

I recently joined a fitness class and was added to their private Facebook group. One of the first posts read “Introduce yourself and share a photo of yourself and your family.” I scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled some more. Nothing. I realized that I was so focused on capturing photos of my family, that I wasn’t in any of them. Can you relate?

So when my husband surprised me with a trip to Lake Tahoe for our five year wedding anniversary, I knew that taking family photos was a non negotiable. With a little planning, we were able to document some special memories of our family. I hope the tips I am sharing below help you document memories with your loved ones too!


  1. Communicate: Similar to any photo session, communicating with your loved one the importance of having these photos taken ahead of time is key. Let them know that you would love to snap some photos of your family.
  2. Plan: Map out a date, time, location and outfits. If you need help on how to select outfits, you can view my suggestions here.
  3. Gear & Settings: Make sure you have a tripod and camera with a self timer. Position your family first and then click the button to start the timer- our camera took a few consecutive shots during ours.
  4. Have fun: These are moments you’re freezing in time. I always tell my clients that when you look at those photos, you want to be flooded with memories not only of that time but also the feelings you had during. Make it enjoyable, have fun, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your family.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help!



October 29, 2019

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