Episode 2 of the Mother”hood” Podcast: New Normal: Postpartum Essentials

May 12, 2020

April 21st, 2020 by Linette Gary

When we’re expecting we learn all about what to expect when expecting, we learn about labor and deliver, and sometimes we learn about those fun opinions everyone seems to have about how baby will be.

But you know what we don’t always learn about? Postpartum. Not until it’s time to leave the hospital and it feels like you’ve checked off all the list of what baby needs and when you get home you ask yourself, “but what about me?”

It’s a feeling we don’t talk about enough, but we will today.

Stevie Rose is a mama of five, YES FIVE beautiful babies, and a postpartum doula. As a mother of 5 Stevie knows the struggles of the postpartum period. She knew that a lot of parents don’t have support they need and that’s where she gets to come in and educate them with any questions they may have about newborn care.

Stevie help new mamas gain confidence in their decisions as parents, and provide them with the emotional support that is needed during the postpartum period.

Doesn’t she sound like an angel? Because she is.

Here’s a snap shot of the tips Stevie shares to navigating the new normal:

>> #1: Self care: Self care can be as simple as showering, reading a book, and getting some rest when baby is sleeping.

>> #2: Connecting with other parents: Join Facebook groups or chat with friends so you know you’re not alone in your journey.

>> #3: Nutrition: Eating is so so important! Make sure you are eating all your meals and staying hydrated.

>> #4: Postpartum Doula: If you need additional support, look into hiring a postpartum doula in your area!

If you’re in the San Diego area and looking for postpartum doula support, click here to view Stevie’s website!

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