I vividly remember looking through albums upon albums in the closet of my upstairs home and not seeing one photo of myself. I am the youngest of three in my home.

My mom would get frustrated because every time she went in there, the closet was flipped upside down, but in reality, it was terrorized by five-year-old me seeking photos of myself.

When I look back at my younger years I should have known my true passion would be to document memories and milestones for people, because deep down inside I never want anyone to feel like I did, not having tangible memories of the past.

Remember those days where your parents and grandparents had so many photos of you and the family framed? Well, the other day I came across a quote that said: “In 50 years, the most photographed generation in history, won’t have any pictures” and this really hit home. Will our children share those same memories we once did?

I get it. As a mom of two, I myself get caught up in the day to day moments of our beautiful chaos. We’re filled with excuses and questions like “Is this investment necessary?” “What if my child + spouse won’t cooperate?” “I need to lose weight” “I hate being in front of the camera”, that I too have used. But here’s a better question to ask ourselves, “How will our children (and future children) + family remember us?”

The truth?

They won’t if you have nothing to show for it.