Brand photography session for a mom in Chicago

Brand Photography Experience for Chicago Mom

Welcome to our latest exploration of brand photography for moms in Chicago, where we capture the essence of motherhood through our lenses. Meet DeAnna, the visionary behind Mom-Care Oasis, who is revolutionizing self-care for mothers with her innovative “Mommy Needs A Minute” kit. Unlike typical mom kits filled with candles and journals, DeAnna’s kit offers practical tools aimed to genuinely enhance a mother’s day. Photographing DeAnna and her support system as they brought this kit to life felt like stepping onto a vibrant Hollywood set—each item bursting with the potential to transform everyday life for mothers everywhere.

DeAnna from Mom-Care Oasis holding her 'Mommy Needs A Minute' self-care kit, designed for busy moms.

Why DeAnna’s Kit is Different

What sets the “Mommy Needs A Minute” kit apart isn’t just its unique contents—it’s the intention behind each piece. Designed by a mom for moms, this kit includes:

  • Healthy Boundary Door Hanger: Perfect for when you need a quiet moment, this door tag gently informs others that it’s time for a little me-time.
  • Create Your Own Oasis Guide Card: This guide offers straightforward tips on snatching serene moments amidst a hectic schedule.
  • “What’s On Your Busy Plate?” Notepad: Tackle daily tasks and alleviate stress by organizing your chores and to-dos effectively.
  • “Girl, You Did That!” Celebration Stand: Celebrate your wins, big or small, with a stand that cheers on every achievement.

Hiring a Chicago brand photography for mothers like us means I get where you’re coming from and can help you document those big picture moments in a way that feels real and personal

The Photography Experience

Capturing the essence of the “Mommy Needs A Minute” kit was as exciting as the product itself. DeAnna’s enthusiasm and clear vision made the photoshoot dynamic and fun—each click of the camera highlighting not just a product, but a movement. The session flowed naturally, much like any brand photography session for a mom in Chicago, focusing on real moments that tell a story.The vibrant energy of DeAnna and her supportive family brought each item to life, making it clear this was more than just a business venture; it was a passion fueled by the desire to empower mothers.

Benefits of Professional Photography for Chicago Mothers

Our photos aim to do more than just showcase products; they strive to tell the story of the brand and its creator. Through our lenses, we captured the spirit of Mom-Care Oasis—a beacon for self-care and empowerment in the bustling world of motherhood.

We’re not just excited to see where DeAnna’s journey with Mom-Care Oasis will lead—we’re inspired. The “Mommy Needs A Minute” kit is sure to make a significant impact on how mothers manage stress and celebrate life’s joys. Join us in supporting this transformative movement by purchasing your kit below.

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We look forward to watching Mom-Care Oasis grow and thrive, as more moms discover the joy and balance DeAnna’s kit can bring into their lives.

Chicago Brand Photography Session: Mommy Needs A Minute Kit

May 1, 2024

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