you're on a BEAUTIFUL journey



I help you                  it!


Because those moments make this life 1000x sweeter. 

You're a mom.

So in awe of your babies (even if they aren't really babies anymore). You feel like time is whizzing by thanks to the mounds of laundry, crumbs on the floor, and the constant coffee flowing first thing in the morning. 

Parenting bliss. 

But then, a moment will catch you in the midst of chaos. You're overwhelmed with the purest love, and in that second, you take that perfect photograph in your mind and KNOW how lucky you are. 

You want to remember how their chubby fingers held a colored pencil all wrong, how they looked wrapped up in a towel after a bath, and how they clutch that (dirty but adorable) stuffed animal as they sleep. The essence that you so badly want to feel forever. 

Who you are

Who I am

I am a photographer in Oak Park, IL and surrounding areas, who specializes in embracing ALL things motherhood. The good. The bad. And the crazy.

I promise not to let you forget these moments (the laundry, crackers in your hair, or that random cucumber you just randomly found under your couch).

On a personal level, I am an air headed extrovert who loves building relationships. I am a newly plant enthusiast tapping into my inner natural soul trying to restore my natural curls. If you're into plants or curls let's tallllkkkkk!


And that's where I come in (so don't worry, you're in the right place).

Who we are together

We can help you capture those little details that are worth remembering. The ones with you in them. 

Moms have thanked me countless of times for providing them with the tools to help them feel confident during their session.

My job is to document those milestones you won't forget. Your job is to have memories that showcase your beautiful motherhood journey. Because you my friend, are worth being remembered. 

You HATE scheduling sessions...because, well, it’s a hassle.

You’d rather step on a Lego than plan and shop for coordinating outfits.

You just KNOW your kid is going to have a meltdown the second you get to the location.

You're worried someone WILL snot on your new dress.

You have something more pressing to spend your money on.



What if I had an easy way to get you those photos you want, without the stress?


I've been there too. You’re knee-deep in motherhood, and most of the time you don’t feel photo-ready. You probably have 853,586 photos on your cell phone, but very few of yourself with your kids. You WANT photos, but just the thought of packing snacks, someone throwing a tantrum (maybe your husband?) and just GETTING to the location before one kid kicks the other one...well, no thanks.

 And that’s why I want to eliminate all your stress.
There won’t be any rushing or panic after you forget the snacks. No arguments over smiling and posing your kids. And no more hating the process.   

Oh, mama, I so feel you.


I’m Linette Gary, San Diego’s premiere motherhood photographer who values authenticity over perfection allllll day every day! I'm a mom to two little wild ones who drive me absolutely insane, and in the next minute, I’m beside myself with pride that they just thanked me for cooking them dinner. One thing I’ve realized over the years of this motherhood journey is that I want to remember the little things.

Because I’ve realized after having my sweet babies, that this motherhood shit isn’t easy or as perfect as everyone tells you it is on social media.

My house is a mess too, my hair looks like a bird’s nest about 4/7 days a week, and sometimes all I have in me is to boil a bit of pasta and call it a night. And the funny thing is...I would choose this life over and over again (and something tells me you would, too). Even the messy stuff.

And THAT is why my soul’s mission is to capture THOSE moments for you.

hey there,


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Hi friends, my name is Nyah, and if you can’t already tell, I run the show around here! I’m a Leo, so I’m a huge fan of compliments, being the center of attention and myself. I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, unless you withhold my SNACKS, then the claws are coming out. I love people and socializing (mother’s daughter, huh) and I am ALL things girly. I LOVE vintage clothes and dress myself most mornings. Hats, dresses, purses, and name it, I will wear it. So if you need help with your wardrobe, you know who to call (my mom and she'll give me the phone).

Hi! What's your name? I’m Leo and I’m also a Leo (born on the last day of Leo season) so it was only right my parents give me the nickname. I love playing the piano, dancing, and anything related to music. I’m three going on 30, so if you need advice, I’m your man. People say I’m an old soul, and I would agree. I am my mom’s baby, and I basically have my parents wrapped around my cute little fingers! I am a social butterfly, LOVE to talk, and I embrace the POOP out of being a free spirit. Oh, and I’m an early riser, which my mom realllyyyy loves.  



meet the crew

the head in charge

the free spirit

the ace husband

Yo, yo! I’m Chuck, currently acting as the ace husband. In 2014, I bought Linette her first camera and helped book her first gig. She had so much potential I just needed to give her that extra nudge to watch her pursue what she loves. We are college sweethearts, married in 2014, and have been adjusting to life as parents. There is no one else I’d rather do life with than my beautiful wife. A little more? I play the piano, create and edit all of our video content, I am the spark behind Linette’s brilliant ideas (but don’t tell her I said that). My main goal as a husband is to support Linette in her motherhood journey. She’s a rockstar if you haven’t noticed.


"LINETTE is simply amazing, Sweet, outgoing, and aims to make you feel completely comfortable the entire time." -ASHLEY R.

states I'VE
lived IN

Why the change? We were ready for something new, but Chicago will always hold my heart.

Becoming a mother has been my greatest blessing and challenge and I want to do my part and make every mom realize that her journey of motherhood is worth remembering. 

I fell in love with photography when I was a little girl. I’m an air-head, with a dry sense of humor (because it takes me a while to get the punch lines), and love building relationships.

Originally from Chicago, I relocated to San Diego when I was eight months pregnant with zero family or friends here. 










the  photographer

i'm not a cool mom

i'm an exhausted mom


Years down the line, when your little one is older, I want them to remember what it was like growing up, and I want THEM to KNOW how hard we worked as mothers to get them to where they are.

On the flip side, when your baby is all grown up, I want YOU to remember those in-between moments that are too far in between now that they’re grown. I don’t want you to fish through those old cell phones (that may no longer operate) searching for those photos from the past. 

I want you to be remembered NOW because all of those insecurities won’t matter THEN. 

MY why


This is your legacy. Your babies WANT photos of you. It’s time to get over those insecurities and choose love.


linette gary  photography