Mother’s Day Photo session

I remember those moments so vividly. It was a Sunday night when I woke up Chuck and told him it was time. Those memories of rushing to the hospital telling him to avoid ever pot hole because it felt like double contractions. Then I remember his first cry, holding him in my arms, and crying. I am a Mom, this is my baby.

Leo was born two years ago. Since then, we have added a second addition to our family, Nyah, and I am really needing time to stand still. This is why I love photography- because I get to make a moment stand still, I’m able to freeze time for you and your loved ones.

We often get caught up in our day to day life. The hustle and bustle. Where day by day nothing changes but when you look back, nothing is the same. That once baby is now walking, talking, heck, even telling you their needs. Sometimes we take those memories for granted.

Let me help freeze these memories for you. Because after all, they’re only little for a little while.

So enjoy a picnic and fun with your little one(s) this Mother’s Day! The session includes a picnic set up, snacks, and unforgettable memories! For booking details, click here.


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