Angela + Phillip

Phil went to Saturday school with my sister back when they were in high school so when he found out I was moving to San Diego, he wanted to book me for his engagement shoot.

Phil is from Chicago so naturally, when he realized I would be in Chicago during the same time he and Angela would be, he reached out to plan his epic engagement session.

Originally, I found it surprising that Phil booked me. Let’s be honest here, 99.9% of my clients are booked by females. Then I found out he was a Leo and I got that AHA moment. What’s wrong with Leo’s? Well, nothing. But I was raised with two of them anddddddd let’s just say it’s part of the reason I can be semi controlling, Haha. Then I found out Angela was also a Leo which seriously is a match made in heaven for the two of them.

Their engagement session was broken up into three different adventures:

Chicago: It was cold as h-e-double hockey stick, so this session was ONLY 30 minutes. I remember poor Angela showing me her hands and asking me “Is it normal that they’re red?” Haha. It was her first time visiting Chicago and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her last.

Then, when we were back in San Diego we went to…

Mission Trails: We hiked through the beautiful trails in Mission Trails. Angela and Phil both live near the trails so they were familiar with the area. Although we were back in San Diego it was SO COLD this day. I had the worst sinus headache but together we pulled through and I learned about what a medicine bomb was. Who else knows that Starbucks makes these? Seriously it was the best thing ever.

La Jolla Shores: Angela is from San Diego and really wanted photos at the beach. We had to make this into a three-part series because it was way too cold when we originally planned to go. The beach was fun. We laughed- a lot. Mainly because the ocean almost swallowed Phil and Angela’s shoes (they took them off for photos) and I even have a photo of Angela holding a shoe she rescued from the ocean (see bottom of post). Then as they were posing romantically, Phil got hit by a dead bird that washed up from the shores. Seriously never a dull moment with these two love birds. No pun intended Haha.

Planning and chatting about their vision then putting those visions into a photograph is really what I love most when it comes to photography. I can’t wait to photograph their big day soon! You’ll have to come back to see more of their love story for that one!

Below are some of my favorites from their sessions. What’s the craziest adventure you’ve ever been on?

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  1. Phil Harper on Friday, 25 January at 12:25 pm

    I’ve had my fair share of photographers and Linette is without a doubt the absolute BEST! She’s going to make you feel extremely comfortable even if you’re not one for taking photos. Trust her vision and direction and you’ll be guaranteed to have photos that you will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you for capturing our personality and being flexible with our schedule. Looking forward to our wedding photos.
    All the best,
    Phil & Angela 🦁

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